About Unlocking Life

Unlocking Life is built upon the HBP Group principles of what it is required to help individuals and organisations alike achieve positive health and wellbeing outcomes. Combined with an overall HBP Group initiative - Unlocking Life has all the elements you need for a great health program that can deliver real results.

Unlocking Life is intended to enhance relationships and not replace them, it recognises that every persons health issues and barriers to change are unique and accommodates that by personalising each persons site according to their specific health issues, objectives, needs and personal interests, and provides a multitude of different avenues for learning, communication, and interaction such as challenges, homework, surveys and audio and video training materials.

Unlocking Life maximizes the effectiveness of all parts of the health program, including the physical health assessments with HBP Group physiologists, one on one health/lifestyle motivation and coaching, and range of interactive challenges and members rewards.

The site acts as a central portal to all elements of the program, insuring that all users have a dynamic and beneficial experience, that the management and momentum of all users within the program is maintained, and that all data can be reported in meaningful and intuitive ways confidentially to the individual and in group data format to the organisation.

Unlocking life handles all the required logistics of the health program, including:

Users will find all their relevant homework, challenges, training, messages, rewards, news and general resources all within the site, and all specific to them.

Unlocking Life has been designed to fit within the pressures of the modern workplace, providing personal interaction via assessment and consultation, phone, sms, email and the 24/7 accessibility of the web.

The system was created to insure that personal relationship, support, and accountability to achieving positive health outcomes was obtainable within a cost effective structure that wasn’t hindered by geographical adversity.

Unlocking Life combines a number of automated features that draw from an individuals interests, health results and personal interaction with HBP Group consultants. Combined with the challenges, personalised homework, rewards and general interactivity, the site helps sustain momentum for individuals, even when it is not practical to see the person face to face more than 3 to 4 times a year.

HBP Group programs can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of any organisation - and we are committed above anything else to seeing positive change in people’s lives that will give them a greater quality of life across all areas of their home and work lives.